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Kids Public Speaking Training

[Course Language: Chinese]

Presentation and public speaking skill is very important for everyone, have a good presentation skill will give an additional mark on career and social relationship.

Our online zoom training class enable students engage with tutors online. Tutors provide easy to know knowledge skill for students to let them get the important technique in a short period. Increase the public speaking skill effectively, avoid fear to communicate.

Course Summary:


– Small class session

– Online Zoom Training

– Teaching in all aspect

– Tutor with full experience in teaching kids and public speaking

Kids TikTok Video Training Camp

[Course Language: Chinese]

What’s your reaction when your kids said “I want to be a Youtuber!”? Is ignoring them, scolding them or encourage them to have a try?

You may guide them to learn a new skill through their passion on TikTok. They can learn how to have a planning, shooting a video and even edit a video in this class. Training them through their passion and interest will let them learn faster and happier.

Course Summary:


– Professional Media Team Tutor

– Have Experience in TikTok video shooting for different people

– Small class session

Online Zoom Class

Kids Wealth Managing Class

[Course Language: Chinese]

Did you know “Rich people” can be trained since they’re young?

Did you face this problem before? When you bring along your child to shopping center, he/she starts to cry or shout for buying a toy or snacks?

Actually, to avoid this embracing situation, you only need to let them learn some concept of money and wealth managing skill.

Course Summary:

Kids Potential Development
Series Class

[Course Language: Chinese]

Potential of a kids is infinity, we should knowing their interest since they’re young to provide a right and good educational environment and course.

If you want to know what is the best for your child, you shouldn’t miss out our “Potential Development Series”. We provide various of classes for you to identify your kids potential interest.

Only 1 price for a series of 3 online classes, from actual skill to soft skill, we trained your child from internal to external to let them learn better.

Current Course:

3 professional tutor in only 1 price, provide you the premium training package at home for your child!

Creative Thinking Development Class

[Course Language: Chinese]

Did you notice that some of the child quite brilliant and good in study when they’re young, but when they grow up to higher standard, their grade starts declining?

Many parents will misunderstand that, is it their kids start to un-focus on study or start to be lazy on learning. Actually nope! This situation shows that your child is lack of Creative Thinking Skill.

Learning creative thinking since they’re young to let them think out of the box, this can help them overcome the problem on mathematics, article writing and more. It can be a good start for their future.


– Increase ability to write a draft for article

– Increase thinking on detail observation

– Enhance their creativity and association ability to rich the composition content

– Increase their self-awareness and judgement.

– Enhance their expression ability

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